About Us

A tattoo is a mark of experience, and Celebrity Ink helps people tell their story in a unique way. As a leader in the tattoo industry, Celebrity Ink have created the largest tattoo brand name in the world and established the only global tattoo franchise group.

Much more than your average tattoo studio – Celebrity Ink is a trusted worldwide brand!

What we do (our services): Outstanding Tattooing, Piercings, Cosmetic Tattooing, Barber Services, and Merchandise.

Who we are: A trusted worldwide brand

How we achieve this: Through extraordinary studios, and quality in-studio experiences.

Who We Are

The tattoo industry is a culture in itself, and we have established an international brand that people can trust. Celebrity Ink have elevated the tattoo culture with comfortable, open and modern studio spaces. These studios welcome tattoo lovers, as well as attract curious passers-by to stop and look inside. The connection that people have with our brand because of our clean, inviting and exciting studios is what sets us apart from other body-art studios around the world. The expansion of our brand to offer additional services such as cosmetic tattooing & barbering has transcended the competition and established Celebrity Ink as a market leader, with quality at the centre of everything we do.

Our History

We began as a small tattoo studio in Thailand in May 2013 with just 4 artists and 3 tattoo beds. The word spread, and we have now grown to a team of over 300. Boasting world-renowned tattoo artists, our team are passionate about body art, and leaders within the industry. Celebrity Ink was established because we saw an opportunity to expand the brand from that single studio to a franchise business, and we have worked very hard to create something unique. Today our reputation remains unmatched because our artists are of the highest calibre, their technique is precise, and they have the highest quality tattoo equipment at their disposal. We are proud of the recognition we have received, winning awards globally for our work and commitment.

We Are a Franchise With 20+ Locations

World’s most renowned tattoo business.

Our Mission

Fine body art is an art form that has been around for centuries. We take great pride in our work, telling our client’s story through our art. We encourage our artists to be creative and unique by creating original designs, while involving our clients to bring the end goal to life. No design is ever the same, and this is why our brand stands out within the industry.

Our Vision

Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality in everything we do. From our tattoo art through to the ink products we use, as well as our customer service and delivery. We ensure long-term client satisfaction and retention.

With an eye on the future, Celebrity Ink is currently developing further expansion plans, with a vision to create a Reality TV Show, New Online Magazine, Merchandise Range and much more!

Our Values


Providing memorable and enjoyable tattoo experiences consistently is how we build our brand loyalty. This means customers will think “Celebrity Ink” when planning a new tattoo, or when talking tattoos with their friends. Word of mouth – and ink on skin – is one of the most powerful forms of advertising in the tattoo industry.


Customers need to know they’re in safe hands. We are upfront and honest about our work, and we step our clients through the process. By maintaining the highest standards of presentation, cleanliness and hygiene at all times, we ensure everyone has a positive experience in a Celebrity Ink studio.


We love what we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the industry. Our artists use top of the line ink and equipment, and they uphold the Celebrity Ink reputation with every single tattoo.


Tattoos are a form of self-expression. Celebrity Ink’s creative solutions help our customers stand out from the crowd. Our artists sit down with our clients to create unique masterpieces; permanently inking their story which they can proudly share forever.

Providing memorable and enjoyable tattoo experiences consistently is how we build our brand loyalty.

Giving Back

When you visit a Celebrity Ink studio anywhere in the world, you may notice the stars we display on the floor and walls. The money we raise from selling these stars, along with our own contributions, go towards donating gifts and financial support to local schools, charities and orphanages. Giving back to local communities is at the heart of our brand, and our acts of charity have a huge impact in the lives of others – which is extremely rewarding for us.


With the success and popularity of our brand growing over the years, Celebrity Ink has established itself as the only global tattoo franchise group. This franchise business model allows for further expansion and growth with new locations opening each year. With our reputation for excellence, Celebrity Ink is the authority in ink. And as the popularity of body-art grows, so does the customer base of our franchises globally.

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Work With Us

A Celebrity Ink franchise will introduce you to the industry with the support of our recognisable brand, and the accessibility of our international locations. As a result, our customers walk into Celebrity Ink studios feeling welcome, safe and confident. A Celebrity Ink franchise is an opportunity to become an indelible part of people’s lives, and an opportunity to manage a successful business of your own.

If you are interested in making your mark on the tattoo industry as a Celebrity Ink franchisee, contact us today!