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Tattoo Franchise Opportunity

A Celebrity Ink franchise will introduce you to the industry, with the support of our recognisable global brand, and the accessibility of our locations in the hotspots of international travel. As a result, our customers walk into Celebrity Ink shops feeling welcome, safe, and confident. As a Celebrity Ink Franchisee, you will need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and be very sales and customer-driven. Our studios require a hands-on approach, and we look for dedicated, passionate people who are driven to succeed. Not only passionate about body art but passionate about the Celebrity Ink brand, the quality of care and customer service we provide, as well as contributing to our goal of helping upcoming artists succeed!

Are you ready to leave your mark on the ever-growing body-art industry? If starting a tattoo business is your dream, you are the right place.

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Our Values


Providing memorable and enjoyable tattoo experiences consistently in our shops is how we build our brand loyalty.


Customers need to know they’re in safe hands. We are upfront and honest about our work, and we step our clients through the process.


We love what we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the industry.


Tattoos are a form of self-expression. Celebrity Ink’s creative solutions help our customers stand out from the crowd. We are proud to come up with one of the most successful franchises in the world.

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Your Opportunity

A Celebrity Ink franchise is an opportunity to become an indelible part of people’s lives and an opportunity to manage a successful business of your own. With our reputation for excellence, Celebrity Ink is the authority on ink. As the popularity of body-art grows, so will the customer base of our franchises.

Establishing yourself as a Celebrity Ink franchisee provides you with the opportunity to be a part of:

  • The first global tattoo franchise group
  • The world’s largest established and open tattoo brand with more than 20 stops in 8 countries
  • A team experienced in the industry, with an excellent reputation and a strong existing customer database to market to.

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The Benefits

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The Industry

The tattoo industry is a culture in itself. A celebrated art form throughout the world, tattoos unite people from all different walks of life. With an annual growth rate of 13% worldwide, the billion-dollar tattoo industry shows no sign of slowing down.

Tattoos have continued to increase in popularity because they are being worn by celebrities, athletes, and people within the fashion industry.

This change has slowly helped change the stigmas associated with tattoos. Tattoos are finally being recognised as a form of self-expression, and design styles have expanded from American Traditional tattoos to custom Japanese sleeves, to full body works of elaborate art that could tempt even those most wary of the machine into getting tattooed. To open a tattoo shop, partner with the world’s biggest tattoo brands, and watch your business touching pinnacle.

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The Statistics

  • $100 million industry in Australia, with a 5% growth-rate each year.
  • 1 in 5 (or 20%) of all Australians have at least one tattoo.
  • For women, 1 in 4 has at least one piece of ink.
  • In the past, the young and rebellious were generally the only demographic interested in tattoos. This is no longer the case, with over 36% of people getting their first tattoos at age 26 and 20% getting their first in their mid 30’s or older.
  • Just over half (52%) of the people with tattoos in Australia have more than one tattoo. Of this segment: 48% have 1 tattoo, 30% have 2-3 tattoos, 8% have 4-5 tattoos, 7% have 6-9 tattoos and 7% have 10+ tattoos.
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Training & Support

Celebrity Ink will help you get up and running in no time to open tattoo shops, with our six-week induction program and in-house support.

Our Training and Support includes six weeks of boardroom theory, practical work hours in an established studio, and onsite assistance for your own studio once launched.

You will have no trouble staying on track with our sophisticated bookkeeping system, where Celebrity Ink has already done a lot of the hard work for you. So, take no time and get your dream of starting a tattoo business into a reality with us.

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Proven Processes

Our proven processes will assist you, including:

  • Quarterly visits from the Celebrity Ink Operations Team, who assist the franchisees in recruiting and train staff, as well as providing ongoing support to help you meet the KPI’s of your individual studio.
  • Monthly meetings with the Finance and Operations team are conducted to review the financials of all the franchises.
  • We provide each franchisee access to our online portal. This portal allows the franchisee and their staff to view Celebrity Ink policies and procedures. It also allows access to further training and support through specific permission settings. This sophisticated system allows for the privacy of all the Intellectual Property.
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Our strong brand recognition means customers come to you. A network of franchises indicates that every Celebrity Ink location works together to spread the word. Celebrity Ink studios are located in tourism hotspots, entertainment precincts and shopping centres all over the world. We also boast a massive social media presence, ensuring our customers help us spread the word whether they are already inked or thinking about getting inked.

As part of the Celebrity Ink marketing support program, franchisees are supported with all forms of Marketing and Business Development.

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Multiple Marketing Channels

We focus on all marketing channels to help you open tattoo shops, including:

  • Setup of your digital presence, including oversight and assistance with the management of your website. Namely, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), image gallery photos, video content, blogs etc.

  • Management of Social Media channels – Facebook & Instagram (as well as Review Management across major platforms).

  • Traditional Media – newsletters, print media, radio, tv, events and more.

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Marketing Materials

The Marketing Team oversees the artwork for flyers, promotions, posters, point of sale, and merchandise design for each studio. Our team also provides a yearly marketing calendar that is customised by location, built around the major events happening in your location. This calendar also includes international market events and tattoo conventions, industry trends, and statistics.

Finally, Celebrity Ink provides fundraising opportunities for various global charities, schools, and events. We regularly run local area promotions and giveaways to connect with the local community.

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Experienced Artists

When only the best of the best will do!

Our artists are the best, and they ply their trade in the Celebrity Ink studio space – which is modern, bright and welcoming! It is these unrivalled combinations that will help our franchisees grow.

From a small and discrete tattoo to a full sleeve piece, our high-quality work will set your studio apart from all competitors in your location.

We advertise regularly and travel internationally to find the world’s best artists as part of our recruitment process. These artists are met by a panel who conduct a portfolio review before selecting the best of the best.

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Ideal Locations

10 countries. 40+ locations. 300+ artists. 300,000+ tattoos. 500,000+ followers.

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Our Team are Dedicated To:

  • Support your franchises by catering for all your marketing needs
  • Implement proven, well-developed systems and protocols to ensure the success of your franchise
  • Help with operations and training support to open the most successful tattoo shop
  • Plan for further global expansion with an eye on the future

  • Introduce new technology and services to expand business and revenue opportunities

  • Introduce an online shop for the Celebrity Ink brand

  • Provide statistical information on demand, analysing trends in the market

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Professional Development & Establishment Costs

You must walk before you can run, but once you can run, why not learn to fly. As a franchisee, you understand that good business requires continuous improvement. We are here to help you out along the way, and we want you to possess the tools to succeed. Our online portal and monthly meetings help our franchises to work through the operations and processes of running a profitable business, ultimately establishing as a successful franchise owner.

The cost of establishing your own Celebrity Ink franchise will vary from country to country. Area Development/Master Franchise opportunities exist for some locations. Please get in touch to find out more! Please note: At the time of signing, we will go through our Business Plan and Financial Projections in more detail.

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Virtual Tour

Want to know what a Celebrity Ink studio looks like?

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The Steps

  • Express your interest.

  • Complete an application form and confidentiality agreement.

  • Attend an interview, where Celebrity Ink will review your application and ask questions to ensure you are a good fit for the brand.

  • Pay the refundable holding deposit.

  • Look over the franchise agreement and discuss typical costs.

  • Move forward with the franchise agreement, if not, the deposit is refunded (less expenses).

  • Attend induction and go through the training provided by Celebrity Ink.

  • Organise a store fit out.

  • Open your doors as a new Celebrity Ink Franchisee!

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Celebrity Ink Franchise

What You Can Expect as a Celebrity Ink Franchisee

  • Excitement from working in a creative space where no day is ever the same.

  • Be involved in the process of creating unique and creative custom designs.

  • Work in a fast-paced, family friendly environment.

  • Constant client contact.

  • The added bonus of meeting celebrities.

  • The ability to create life-changing moments for people.

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Tell Your Story

Every tattoo has a story behind it. For some, tattoos are a means of expressing themselves, for others they can mark a milestone or have extreme personal significance. As a Celebrity Ink Franchisee, you will help people tell their stories, and in doing so you will forge the next chapter of your own story.

Our franchise system supports autonomy – so make your Celebrity Ink Franchise your own! You’ll meet new and interesting people every day, so creating an environment where your staff and customers feel safe and relaxed is a priority. Remember, if you ever dreamt of starting a tattoo business; do not let this opportunity go. Join us and be the part of the most successful tattoo stories ever made.

If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you!

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