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Japanese Tattoo Artists at Melbourne Central

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Japan has a long tradition of decorative tattooing, dating back centuries. Bold, elaborate and distinctive, this style has become hugely popular around the world with tattoo fans seeking striking yet harmoniously designed pieces.

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Style, themes and common features

Japanese-style tattoos are usually large, covering areas such as sleeves, chest and back. Placement is a big part of the style – for example, sleeves typically cover the shoulders and parts of the chest and/or back, and are often designed as a symmetrical pair, while a traditional back piece may extend down to the backs of the thighs. 

Japanese tattoos are traditionally drawn in a style reminiscent of woodblock prints from the Edo period. They typically incorporate motifs from nature, such as animals and flowers, as well as creatures and characters from Japanese mythology and folklore. Examples of traditional themes range from koi, tigers, peonies, cherry blossoms and lotus flowers, to Japanese dragons and religious deities. 

The motifs and figures included are symbolically associated with character traits, such as strength, heroism, protection and wisdom. They are typically arranged on a stylised backdrop representing elements such as water or wind, creating a highly dynamic effect.

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Background information

Traditionally created using black ink and a non-electronic tool, Japanese tattoos are now widely done using contemporary tattooing methods and brightly coloured inks that bring to life their nature-inspired subject matter. The traditional method is called irezumi, and the overall look and style has endured while undergoing contemporary reinventions.

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Getting a Japanese-style tattoo

If you’re dreaming of a tattoo in this style, your first step is to find a Japanese tattoo artist. Melbourne is home to a number of shops that offer work in this style, including Celebrity Ink Melbourne Central. We have several artists who are experienced in creating Japanese-influenced designs.

As a global brand with access to a large network of world-class tattoo artists, Celebrity Ink is able to host specialists in niche areas such as Japanese tattoos. Whether it’s a traditional-style piece featuring extensive blackwork and shading, or a colourful contemporary interpretation, our artists can help you choose something special to suit you.   

Whatever you’re looking for in your Japanese tattoo, Melbourne locals and travellers alike will find what they’re looking for at Celebrity Ink Melbourne Central. Of course, you can also expect the same high standards of service, safety and quality that have made Celebrity Ink a worldwide name. 

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