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Celebrity Ink’s Pattaya parlour brings together the paradisiacal beauty of one of Thailand’s most famous beach towns with all the benefits of a trusted international body art brand. If you’re chasing an unforgettable trip captured in a stunning tattoo, Pattaya is a must-visit place.

Just 150km from Bangkok, Pattaya is the closest major beach resort to Thailand’s capital city, and always ready for fun. The sights and sounds of Walking Street are unlike anything else you’ll experience in Thailand, and there’s unbeatable fun to be found at the end of Pattaya’s Beach Road. At night, this half-kilometre strip comes alive with neon lights, thumping music, food vendors, street performances and party animals from around the world.

You’ll find our extraordinary tattoo shop nestled in Soi 13/4, just off the main strip. Aiming to be the very best tattoo parlour Pattaya has to offer, we work to the highest international standards of hygiene, service and skillful tattooing – all while welcoming you to the buzzing beachside energy of this beautiful area. It’s no wonder there’s such a demand to get inked here.

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The Celebrity Ink story began in Phuket, Thailand, where we opened our first studio in 2013. Since then, we’ve developed into a leading international tattoo brand, making pioneering moves in our growing industry with more than 20 studios in different places of countries.

Our global network that now stretches from Thailand to Australia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and beyond. Getting a tattoo in our tattoo shop has been become a trend now for most of the travellers coming to Pattaya, Thailand.

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The Celebrity Ink reputation depends on unforgettable client experiences, and our artists uphold this reputation with every stunning tattoo.

Our Pattaya studio uses the best inks and equipment, and our team is passionate about delivering our clients the highest quality work available.

We are passionate about the Celebrity Ink brand, and about the art, we create each day in different places across the world at the best competitive prices.

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Meet Our Team

A successful brand isn’t built overnight and requires a team of talented and dedicated individuals with the same goal. Meet our team who turned the Pattaya Celebrity Ink vision into a reality. From passionate studio managers to amazing artists, our team is focussed on delivering all of our clients, the World Famous Celebrity Ink tattoo experience. Unlike others, we don’t charge hefty costs from our clients. So, next time you are in Pattaya, don’t ask how much for tattoos and consider Celebrity Ink as the best place to get inked.

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325/19 Soi 13/4, Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand 20150

Opening Hours

Monday: 10am – 11:59pm

Tuesday: 10am – 11:59pm

Wednesday: 10am – 11:59pm

Thursday: 10am – 11:59pm

Friday: 10am – 11:59pm

Saturday: 10am – 11:59pm

Sunday: 10am – 11:59pm

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