Our Story

The tattoo industry is a culture in itself, and Celebrity Ink have established an international brand that people can trust. Celebrity Ink have elevated the tattoo culture with comfortable, open and modern studio spaces as well as offering a diverse range of services above and beyond tattooing. The expansion of our brand to offer additional services such as cosmetic tattooing and barbering has transcended the competition – establishing Celebrity Ink as a market leader with quality at the centre of everything we do.

Providing memorable and enjoyable tattoo experiences consistently is how we build our brand loyalty.

Our History

We began as a small tattoo studio in Thailand in May 2013 with only two artists.

Fast forward 6 years and our reputation is now unmatched. We have grown into a team over 300 strong, boasting world-renowned tattoo artists.

Our team is passionate about body art, and leaders within the industry.

Our Services

What makes us stand out above the rest, is the unmatched quality of our tattoo art, the diversity of services we offer, and the cleanliness and welcoming nature of our studios.

We have come a long way from that single tattoo studio.

The Celebrity Ink brand was established because we saw an opportunity to expand to a franchise business model, and we have worked very hard to create something unique.


“Seeing a customer return time after time is a sign we’ve done our job.
Building relationships is the first part of running a global tattoo brand.”

-Mitch (CEO)

Our Locations

With our franchise business model, we have expanded to 14 locations globally. These locations are hand-picked in global tourism hotspots, where healthy foot traffic is guaranteed to flow past every Celebrity Ink Studio. The people passing by recognise the Celebrity Ink brand and are curious to look inside our studios. From locals to free-spirited tourists, we welcome a vast array of customers looking for a tattoo they’ve always wanted, whether it’s their first or their twenty-first tattoo.

We have created a global enterprise with our major studios located in Phuket, Australia, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, Bali, New Delhi and the Philippines.

How The Story Continues…

At Celebrity Ink we have an opportunistic vision for the future. We have bold plans to share the Celebrity Ink brand with a global audience in innovative ways. Celebrity Ink will continue to transcend the competition in the future, and our new touchpoints will further establish our brand as the market leader.

These expansion plans include but are not limited to: a Reality TV Show, a New Online Magazine, Merchandising and much more!

Celebrity Ink’s creative solutions help our customers stand out from the crowd.