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Much like tattoos, piercings are a popular form of self-expression and can be dated back over 5,000 years. People see piercings as a way to enhance their appearance, express their independence and to stand out from the crowd. Piercings are mostly for aesthetic purposes, however, can sometimes be for religious or cultural reasons.

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Premium Quality of Work

At Celebrity Ink we pride ourselves on our quality of service and professionalism. Every piercing is treated with care and with a high level of skill and knowledge. At Celebrity Ink you will walk away feeling like a star every time. Competitive prices and quality jewellery, come and experience a Celebrity Ink piercing today.

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Expert Practitioners

We have a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience. All our practitioners are qualified and will ensure all piercing experiences are safe and enjoyable, no matter if it’s a simple ear piercing or something more sophisticated. We will always offer our expert advice, talk you through the process and ensure you leave our studios with a smile.

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Experienced Practitioners who celebrate individuality

At Celebrity Ink you will only get the best. All our staff are experienced and will work with you to achieve an amazing result every time. We guarantee you will walk out of every one of our studios with a smile on your face.