The 10 questions to ask a tattoo artist before committing to a design

Alright! The time has come, you’ve got the perfect design for a tattoo, but before you commit to booking in and getting the work done, you have a few questions running through your head about how the tattoo will actually look on your skin.

Don’t stress yourself too much. Having questions about something as permanent as a tattoo is very common and tattoo artists have answered questions that are very straight forward, as well as very specific questions that don’t have a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. We like answering questions! We know our clients are well researched and well prepared this way. 

To help you out with what things you might want to ask, here are our top ten questions you should ask your tattoo artist before committing to a design. 

What to ask a tattoo artist

1 | Where is the best place for my design?

– Tattoos can be very personal and depending on the reason why you are getting a particular design, it can determine where you end up getting it. Tattoo artists are great at giving advice on where to get a tattoo. 


2| Is what I want for a design do-able?

– Tattoo artists are passionate about their work and want to make sure you are both happy with how the final piece looks. Get their thoughts on how best to make your design work as a tattoo.


3| I want to get a lot of colour in my design, what do you think will work?

– Colour can really make a tattoo come to life! If you’re wanting a lot of colour in your design, ask your tattoo artist if they have a lot of experience with colour and get their recommendation on what will and won’t work for your design and skin tone.


4| How big should my design be?

– This can depend on a number of different things ranging from how detailed your design is, through to where you place it on your body. Don’t be afraid to get advice from your tattoo artist on this one.


5| What else can I do with this design later?

– Some designs look great on their own, but some are perfect to have additional work added to them later down the road. If you think you may want to get more tattoos later on, ask your tattoo artist where the best place is to get your design, so you can successfully add to it later.


6| Have you done anything like this before?

– Working with a tattoo artist who not only understands what you want but also has experience with the style you are chasing will make your tattoo a lot easier. Don’t be afraid to ask this question and get their advice about how they can help you. Check out their portfolio too!



7| Should I get this as a tattoo?

Bam! Trick question! At the end of the day it is up to you if you want to get your design or not. But keep in mind Q2 above – what you see in a magazine isn’t always going to translate well as a tattoo.


8| Is there any reason why I shouldn’t get this tattoo?

– This is a good question to ask a tattoo artist to get their thoughts from a technical perspective. They will be able to give you an idea of how the lines will come out, what the final design will look like once it is healed, and give you suggestions on making it all work.


9| Are you happy to do this design?

– The majority of tattoo artists are more than happy to work on most designs, but it is always good to check how they feel about doing the work. After all, every tattoo they do showcases their work as an artist. 


10| Will I regret getting this design later?

– It is a very valid question to ask, but ultimately the choice is yours. Having said that, a tattoo artist will be able to give you an idea of how your design may look as you age which might help, and can also advise the trends that have gone out of fashion over recent years, indicating a fad. 

The great thing about openly speaking with your tattoo artist before getting a new piece is that you are both equally committed to getting the best outcome. If you’re needing some inspiration for your design, have a look at our gallery of some great work our artists have done – trust us, preparation is KEY! If you’re wondering what could possibly go wrong if you don’t ask any questions, have a quick look at this series of epic fails. 




Now you know what to ask, reach out to us here to make a booking and chat with one of our tattoo artists who can help you get the right piece –