The coronavirus has literally come into our lives and flipped the table on it’s head like a maniac, leaving a lot of people with no choice but to stay at home. The tattoo industry has copped a rough blow with studios forced to close for public health and safety reasons, meaning a lot of artists are sitting at home with idle hands…or are they?

It can take hours for a tattoo artist to complete a piece depending on how big it is, but it also takes a lot of time for an artist to draw custom pieces to make sure it is perfect before they raise their tattoo machine, and what’s the one thing they have a lot of right now? Time!

Custom tattoo designs during self-isolation

While most people who are self-isolating or have been forced home because their workplace has shut down are bingeing on Netflix or trying to pick-up a new hobby, tattoo artists are still designing, drawing and creating brilliant pieces of work that are just waiting to be transferred to its new human home.


Now is a great time for anyone wanting to get a custom piece to start the design process with their tattoo artists to make sure you get something you’ll love forever. It’s simple tattoo maths: the more time an artist can work on the design of a quality custom piece, the more time they can spend on getting every line perfect.

Things to keep in mind when you are speaking with your tattoo artist about your design:

  • References for what you want – if you have seen something like a piece of art, a photo or something similar, get as many pics of it as possible so your tattoo artist has plenty of references to help with making the design. Our artists love it when you give lots of direction and input!
  • References for what you don’t want – just as helpful are examples of things you don’t like – it could be colour, lines, shading etc, but everything helps
  • Knowing the style – there are heaps of different types of tattooing – find the style you like and let your artist know
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is to work together. A tattoo is a collaboration of what you are wanting and what your tattoo artist knows will work. Clear communication will make this easy.

Isolation doesn’t stop creativity, and in fact, ramps it up even more! If you’ve always wanted to get the perfect custom tattoo, get in contact with us to make a booking to chat with one of our artists. If you need a bit of inspiration, head to our Facebook page to see some of the work our artists have created.