What’s more painful? Getting a tattoo or a piercing? No pain, no gain and there’s pain in beauty – isn’t that what they say? Whether you fancy a tattoo or a piercing, the short answer is they both have an ouch factor, but pain is subjective. Consenting to a little pain for the short term can prove a rewarding experience for the long term. It’s like going to the dentist in a way! 

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Getting a tattoo can be akin to small pin pricks or a cat scratch.  However, there are varying degrees of comfort for every person and much of it depends on your unique pain threshold as well as the size, position and design of the tattoo. 

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It may take a couple of days for the area to feel comfortable again but so much of your ability to recover from any minor pain is about preparing yourself properly before your tattoo, including hydrating and investing in an effective aftercare routine. The pain is temporary, but the tattoos are permanent and will last a lifetime.



If you are starting out with tattoos, one of the least painful areas to try first is the inner wrist, shoulder or hand but the swear factor might turn up a notch or two for any bony parts and other sensitive body parts such as the hips, stomach and back of the knees to name a few.


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Whether you’re interested in a simple earlobe piercing or something more personal, there are a few things you should know. Similar to tattoos, staying hydrated and well nourished regulates your blood sugar levels. When performed by one of our reputable Celebrity Ink™ technicians, the pain from a piercing can be over quickly.


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You can expect a small amount of pain during the procedure which is very quick and then a little bleeding and irritation in the following days.  As the days and weeks progress, it may become itchy but that is part of the healing process. As long as it’s cared for properly (keeping it clean and dry), the pain goes away quickly. 



Expletives may be dropped but rest assured you won’t be swearing like a sailor! Even children have their ears pierced, so this isn’t generally something to worry about. 


Overall, getting a tattoo or a piercing are two completely different experiences and it is like comparing apples with oranges. One takes longer and is less intense whilst the other is short and sharp. Whichever way you choose to express yourself, know that you’re in good hands with the team at Celebrity Ink™.